Friday, April 18, 2008

More Postcards from Baltimore

Here are a few more pics from Bmore getaway...

Baltimore will give you crabs. The USS Constellation... Know your history.
See that Domino Sugar factory... It's a drug front.
Our home away from home

Baltimore Is Birdland

At least that's what the banners outside our hotel said. It makes sense. The city's two pro teams are the Orioles and the Ravens. Word to a retired Steve "Air" McNair. The Bmore Mrs. TMB and I saw this past weekend was less fowl, and all tourist sights, cheerleaders (there was a competition in town) and seafood. And while I did find some sick suede Nike boat shoes in Downtown Locker Room (The Wire cast look-alikes dissuaded me from taking a flick), I didn't see much in the way of Baltimore kick game.

Here are some more pics from our weekend getaway. And a special thanks to Kim, Marvin and Victor.

Inner Harbor Art
My family used to love some Rusty Scupper.
This is where it all started for Dru Hill. Figures.
Damn they love some Old Bay. SMH

More pics to come.

Friday, April 11, 2008


A fan favorite of ‘80s babies and true watch collectors alike, Casios G-Shock brand is 25 years strong. In honor of their 25th birthday Casio will be releasing a bunch of collabo watches as well as several limited-edition. The good folks at LRG have already dropped their take on the classic G.

My personal favorite G has to be the limited-edition gray skeleton (seen above). The design and technology is adapted from the original G-Shock which has set standards with its ruggedness and shock resistance, but features a see through light gray band and bezel. A 25th anniversary logo is engraved on the case back marking its uniqueness.

For those of you interested in a little history:

In 1983, a Casio engineer designed a watch that would withstand a fall from atop a three-story building, creating the worlds toughest watch. Using a triple-protection design for the parts, module, and case, the G-Shock offered a radical new type of watch that was virtually shock proof. Its unique look and practicality was immediately recognized, making the G-Shock wildly popular.

The gray skeleton is the second watch being released from the 25th Anniversary G-Shock watch series. The watch is water resistant up to 200M and features a multi-function alarm, EL backlight, 1/100-second stopwatch and a countdown timer.

The limited edition 25th Anniversary G-Shock Skeleton is available nationwide and online for $130.

In addition to the gray skeleton, Casio also introduced the Vivid Colors series (seen below) earlier this year. Available in red, green and white, the Vivid Colors series is available nationwide and online for $120.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Force Is Strong With This One

I am an admitted Star Wars geek. I mean I don't know the diameter of the first Death Star but I do fully embrace the Dark Side. Therefore, I felt it was my duty to post these ridiculous Adidas Consortium Superstars.

Unfortunately, only 800 units of both the Dark Force (seen here) and the Light Force were released worldwide back in October, so the likelihood of copping a pair is about as good as George Lucas producing another flick. But if you can find a pair in 10.5... Holler at me!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Word to Radio Raheem

I am all about collabos. Whether its sneakers or toys, the meeting of creative minds usually results in something fresh. Witness the Lasonic x FM$ Ghetto Blaster.

Famous Stars And Straps and electronics staple Lasonic linked up for a limited-edition version (only 300 will be sold) of the latter's i391, a multi-functional ode to the old school blast masters. Based off the legendary Lasonic 931 -- the most recognizable ghetto blaster of all time -- the stereo functions as an iPod docking station, AM/FM radio and SD/MP3 playback. The unit is also equipped with LCD text display and clock, USB flash capability and a remote control. The Ghetto Blaster will hit stores in coming weeks with a $250 price tag.

Now, if it would only get warmer so I can sit on my stoop and blast some "Seven Nation Army."

Top Shelf Timex

I've been a purveyor of the men's watch game for a few years now. In fact, ever since I purchased my tried and true Faconnable F. Chrono (one of my first grown man purchases) while in South Beach a few years back, I have been into "finer timepieces." So, imagine my surprise when I learned that the hot watch above was a Timex?!?!

The well-known watchmaker is stepping its game up with the TX Watches line. I was particularly impressed with their 500 Series: World Time line. Coming in a variety of styles, the line may just give brands like Movado and Bulova a run for their money.

Granted, its no Tag Hauer or Brietling, but the TX 500 Series (priced at around $450) is a nice piece if you're looking to step your game up. Check out a few more of their styles below:

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Damn That Gilbert Arenas

A few months back the good folks at adidas invited some of my cohorts and I to a ritzy NYC hotel suite to peep Gilbert Arenas' newest shoe, the Adidas Lightswitch Gil II Zero. What I thought was going to be one shoe with a few different colorways (probably three at best) turned out to be one shoe with TWENTY different colorways (hence the II Zero). And not just colorways, but themes. From the wingtip-inspired "Black President" joints (my personal favorite) and the NBA Live '08s to the limited-edition HALO kicks and a DC Football colorway (GO 'SKINS!), the line seemed to cover all of The Hibachi's various interests -- they even teamed with Japanese steakhouse Benihana for a pair. SICK!

While most of them were limited runs (I am still waiting on my HALO pair), the ones that stood out the most to me were the Gil II Zero x Three Zero. Arenas teamed with Eric So and Chinese toy designer Three Zero to design this carbon fiber sneaker that comes with a Gilbert figurine. With their slick Matrix-esque look and emblazoned "TZ" on the forefoot strap, it easiest the one of the most stylish kicks in the collection.

The sneakers launched March 11th, but only 200 pairs were released in the U.S while 300 more hit the shelves in Asia. So, if you didn't cop a pair already, you better hit eBay.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Manifesto… One Day Late

As you may have noticed, my debut was a little delayed. I had planned on coming out the gate strong on April 2, 2008 but the best laid plans… Anywho, a day later I would like to welcome you all to The Modest Bastard. When I forwarded an early permutation of this to some key influencers (friends whose opinions I trust and respect), the one question many of them asked was: “What’s the point?” And without getting into a deeper philosophical discussion, my hope is to answer that question now in what I call “The Modest Bastard Manifesto" (see some of the inspirations above).

Having worked in the same industry for almost 10 years now, I have always wanted to own my own thing. When I was younger it was a magazine (Thank God I didn’t do that). Later, it was a record store (Ditto!). And more recently, I have had my eye on… Well, I will get back to that.

The bottom line is: As my career progresses I find that I’m in need of a passionate outlet—a place to talk shit, post hot photos (mainly of sneakers and gadgets) and rant about everyday things that I love/hate. That said I wanted to concentrate on something I loved. This is where I have reached an interesting crossroads in my life.

Now, I consider myself a pretty good writer and after realizing at a somewhat early age that it was my preferred method of expression, I set out to be just that. Mission accomplished—sort of. Similarly, I have been a music lover as long as I can remember. From humming whatever 80s one-hit wonder was on the radio to fiercely debating the merits of one MC or band over another in college, music was always a part of me. Therefore, it seemed only fitting that I try to find a job that involved music. So, writing + music = music journalist. Right?

At the time, it made perfect sense. Free CDs, backstage passes and all I had to do was what I loved. But the thing about getting what you want, I have learned, is that you get it ALL—the good (interviewing your heroes), the bad (constant rewrites) and the supremely ugly (interviewing your heroes—they’re usually not the mythic beings you have created in your mind). It’s that all that has me wondering if I still love music. Wondering if I still love writing. It’s that all that gave birth to TMB. I wanted to get back to the middle. Word to India.Arie.

I wanted to get back to writing about what I love without having to get the approval of others first. I wanted to get back to writing about what I hate without having to censor myself. I wanted to be free. I wanted to own my own—and share it with the world on my terms.

I mean this blog will definitely mention music, but it will also feature:

  • Style
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Gadgets

So, bookmark me because I plan on being that new fix.