Friday, April 18, 2008

Baltimore Is Birdland

At least that's what the banners outside our hotel said. It makes sense. The city's two pro teams are the Orioles and the Ravens. Word to a retired Steve "Air" McNair. The Bmore Mrs. TMB and I saw this past weekend was less fowl, and all tourist sights, cheerleaders (there was a competition in town) and seafood. And while I did find some sick suede Nike boat shoes in Downtown Locker Room (The Wire cast look-alikes dissuaded me from taking a flick), I didn't see much in the way of Baltimore kick game.

Here are some more pics from our weekend getaway. And a special thanks to Kim, Marvin and Victor.

Inner Harbor Art
My family used to love some Rusty Scupper.
This is where it all started for Dru Hill. Figures.
Damn they love some Old Bay. SMH

More pics to come.

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