Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Word to Radio Raheem

I am all about collabos. Whether its sneakers or toys, the meeting of creative minds usually results in something fresh. Witness the Lasonic x FM$ Ghetto Blaster.

Famous Stars And Straps and electronics staple Lasonic linked up for a limited-edition version (only 300 will be sold) of the latter's i391, a multi-functional ode to the old school blast masters. Based off the legendary Lasonic 931 -- the most recognizable ghetto blaster of all time -- the stereo functions as an iPod docking station, AM/FM radio and SD/MP3 playback. The unit is also equipped with LCD text display and clock, USB flash capability and a remote control. The Ghetto Blaster will hit stores in coming weeks with a $250 price tag.

Now, if it would only get warmer so I can sit on my stoop and blast some "Seven Nation Army."

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Jesus Talks said...

ohhh! My cousin had a Lasonic! Brings back awesome summertime memories...