Saturday, April 5, 2008

Damn That Gilbert Arenas

A few months back the good folks at adidas invited some of my cohorts and I to a ritzy NYC hotel suite to peep Gilbert Arenas' newest shoe, the Adidas Lightswitch Gil II Zero. What I thought was going to be one shoe with a few different colorways (probably three at best) turned out to be one shoe with TWENTY different colorways (hence the II Zero). And not just colorways, but themes. From the wingtip-inspired "Black President" joints (my personal favorite) and the NBA Live '08s to the limited-edition HALO kicks and a DC Football colorway (GO 'SKINS!), the line seemed to cover all of The Hibachi's various interests -- they even teamed with Japanese steakhouse Benihana for a pair. SICK!

While most of them were limited runs (I am still waiting on my HALO pair), the ones that stood out the most to me were the Gil II Zero x Three Zero. Arenas teamed with Eric So and Chinese toy designer Three Zero to design this carbon fiber sneaker that comes with a Gilbert figurine. With their slick Matrix-esque look and emblazoned "TZ" on the forefoot strap, it easiest the one of the most stylish kicks in the collection.

The sneakers launched March 11th, but only 200 pairs were released in the U.S while 300 more hit the shelves in Asia. So, if you didn't cop a pair already, you better hit eBay.


celia said...

I'm hunting this toy down!!! As in, anybody who actually has one should keep it locked up 'cause I'm coming for it! LOL

The Modest Bastard said...

You need to holler at adidas, fam!