Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Can Only Dream

TMB has done it again. First we did this. And then added her. And now... We introduce Uncle Gigolo. He's a newbie to the blog game, so take it easy on him. For his first blog, he thought he'd tackle March Madness. Enjoy!

Imagine Michael Beasley vs. Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon vs. Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose vs. Brandon Jennings, Tyler Hansbrough vs. Greg Oden? Dream match-ups that will only happen in a video game. Tournament time is coming and the latest and greatest one and done stars have come to play. The new batch of star include; Tyreke Evans, Kemba Walker, Demar DeRozan, B.J. Mullins and Greg Munroe. Besides Tyreke Evans, none look like they belong in the NBA right now. To say the least most of the stars from the previous draft could have done with one more year in college. Skill wise most of them are raw and needed more development. The experienced underclassmen look very strong, this time around. The added year has improved their game in an all round way. All these dream match-ups could have been now. Nonetheless, this year’s tournament the top twelve teams in the nation, will show the world why the one and done system is a waste of time. This year may not yield a strong NBA class; however the tournament has star power and will be very interesting. Will Curry show the world he is best shooter in the nation? Will Hansbrough finish his career with a Championship? Will Blake Griffin maintain his dominates? Is DeJuan Blair the beast from the east? Can Evans be the new Carmelo? Will Wake Forest win one for their late Coach Skip Prosser?

I cannot remember the last time; the tournament had so many sub plots. Get the office pools ready, some popcorn and drinks. This is the March I remember.

Stephen Curry Highlight:

Tyler Hansbrough Highlight:

Blake Griffin Highlight:

DeJuan Blair Highlight:

Tyreke Evans Highlight:

Wake Forest's Jeff Teague highlight:

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