Thursday, March 26, 2009



let me gather my thoughts.

what the hell is this? ray-j couldn't knock tigerlily up with a 15 minutes o' fame warranty baby, so now he's back to music? and with a soundtrack to a reality show? (of which i'm sure 80% of the songs have the word 'sexy' in or him speaking in third person.) seriously, i would have rathered they'd had the kid. i'm willing to wait the 20 years it'll take for the little one to come out with a tell-all book detailing his homelife with those two. i can see it now: cheetahface went all lisa bonet in "angel heart" and ray-j is bobby brown: "i'm still the king of r&b!" what i am not willing to do is watch this again. but for the sake of the post, i digress.

first things first: my apologies, must've missed that album release party (:04). but kudos to the usage of the fedora and cigar, because we've never seen that before in a modern music video, and you swallow like a pro (pause) (:12). not really a fan of the shout-out to God (:26). you know, the one that precedes the bling and champagne bucket shot, but i wasn't directing this trash, so more power to inconsistencies. and p.s. you're a keeper, for real, but the only girl who was ever "ready to do what you say" (:40) was kim kardashian. and now she's dating reggie bush. zing.

moving along...that joke about 'caviar' (1:06) was yesterday.

no comment on a single thing from 1:25 - 1:35. just more silent head shakes and tsk tsk's and prayers you don't try to get into acting (but realizations that 'chardonnay' probably will). wait...LOL at 2:05: "i know she wants to dirty up my mattress..." you get half-point for creativity. seriously though, pointing out everything that is wrong with this? i don't do free labor.

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