Sunday, July 27, 2008

On A Completely Random Note

For those of you who are faithful readers... Well, first off, my bad for the inconsistency... it's called life and trying to prove to Mrs. TMB that I need that MacBook Pro to keep this thing popping daily. Secondly, bare with me on this post as it will likely make sense to only two of you but I had to do it.

Please enjoy the wonderfully retro musical stylings of Ce Ce Rogers. Up until a few days ago, I simply knew him as the church choir director or C (as he's referred to by the pastor). Little did I know...

This, coupled with the fact that I have also met the dude that sang "Follow Me," is just some of the great randomness that comes from being 1) a music nerd and 2) living in the Garden State. Word to Zach Braff.

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