Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Morning Quarterback: Seth Rogen on SNL

By now, it has probably come apparent that I think Seth Rogen is hilarious. So, I thoroughly enjoyed the Observe and Report star's appearance on Saturday Night Live last night. And while I already hear the Rogen blacklash brewing (Family Guy, I am looking at you), I have to say that the "lovable loser" schtick still makes me laugh -- perhaps because it hits so close to home. Anywho, here are my three favorite clips from last night's show.

"The Fast & The Bi-Curious" Do I even need to address this? Let's just say this takes the concept of "bromance" to a new level "Guys? Guys, what's happening?" Watch the clip below:

"Like A Boss" Officer Ross gets PWNed in the latest SNL Digital Short. I wonder how he felt about this? I felt like he should have made a guest spot... and that this reminds me way too much of my own former boss. Watch the clip below:

"Muppet Bus" Ahhh... childhood memories often included me imitating Animal high on cocaine so it only makes sense that I loved the Muppets sketch. And they even included Nipsey Russell... Who doesn't love Nipsey Russell? BTW, in real life Rowlf the Dog was black. True story. Watch the clip below:


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