Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You Can Hate Me Now

I guess I'm supposed to do the obligatory Pro Obama post like all the other ones. Hell, if not for him, then hip-hop or the ancestors. Damn that, I will leave all the politico to the experts (peep the video at the bottom for my thought on President-elect Obama).

Instead, I decided to post some ignorant consumerist sheit. That's right... After waiting a fortnight and some change, I finally got my hands on the new BlackBerry Bold or Vader as it will heretofore be referred. I can't even say more than that. I have to go play with it. PAUSE.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My New Platonic Crush...

OK, let me explain... Yes, I know Rachel Maddow (seen above) probably has no interest in dudes. That's cool, cause I am married and I am not actually sexually attracted to her. That said, she is one hell of a mind f--- (read: the kind of person that actually can stimulate you mentally... perverts). She also has a subtle way of insulting her interview subjects without them ever knowing it (a talent I am trying to perfect). Keith Olbermann should take some notes.

The only things I don't like about my Rach are 1) when she's not on her own show she looks like she works at Petco and B) she got mind f---ed by Obama on national television. Yes, we know dude is Black Jesus 2.0 but come on, Rachel. You're a Rhodes Scholar too. And a lesbian. You can't like a man!

Classic Maddow:

And the infamous Obama affair: