Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hero Worship

Hey guys,

I know I have been gone for a minute (well, 15,840 or so), but there's been lots going on. The VIPs know what I am talking about. Anywho, I should be back up and running within the week with new posts, pics and the like. In the mean time and in between time, peep the trailer for Season 3 of one of my favorite shows, "Heroes." It doesn't show much but with all the superhero love going around already this spring (Iron Man is making bank... I have to get to the theater to see it), this is making me already excited for the fall. Well, that and football season. And shout out to Ms. Theda for the embed love.

I also want to shout out the team at JHMC. They are real life savers.

And HAPPY BIRFDAY to all the bulls out there (Mr. W, Wiggins, Fees, Maria, Boo, Cousin Pam, Cellie Cel, Brian, Lyndsey and all the others)!



Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

I randomly watched a "heroes" rerun episode last fall and loved it. But I'm late and need to start from scratch, so I'm bout to give the bootlegger a call.

The Modest Bastard said...

You could also try Netflix. You have only missed two seasons. And season 3 was shortened because of the strike... God, I am a nerd.